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Very high frame rate recording, based on multiple low-cost camera machine-gun...

Custom format image acquisition based on panoramic vision...

MUYBRIDGE, slow-motion, flowmos...

Stereoscopic or Polyscopic vision...

Key Benefits

  • Use of standard cameras
  • Virtually no format nor frame rate limits


Matrix configuration
(10 cameras / 180░)


Machine Gun configuration
(450 fields per seconds)

If you need high speed imaging or extreme slow-motion, please contact us.


Portable Muybridge configuration
(10 cameras, 100░, 1m radius, 3kg)

If you need video recording for 3D video effects, with instant access to recorded material, please contact us.


Target tracking

The white cross is added by the tracking software. It generates an EXCEL file with (X,Y) position in mm for each 20 millisecond interval, as well as Y(X). This allows you to extract amplitudes and phases of vibrations for up to 10 nodes. Relative precision is 1/720 in X and 1/288 in Y provided than we use the proper focal length. If you need video recording for infrastructures monitoring, motion capture, operational maintenance, crash test, etc. please contact us.


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