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MVR comes in 2 flavors : MVR-Broadcast, and MVR-Monitoring.

Production with MVR™ :

replace 10 VTR's
by a rack mount PC
with a single interface


Sexy features:

  • Indexing + Edit-list ... while recording !

  • programmable interface to log events along with video using current time code.

  • preview clickable to build a multicam edit list while recording.

  • background flush to a remote editing workstation for near-to-live workflows.

  • MVR shoots on Compact Flash

Images done with MVR-Broadcast:

Images done with MVR-Monitoring :

For more videos, comments and tooling, please tune in at


MVR: Open standards / future proof

The MVR™ may use the same MPEG2 format as DVD :

  • fully playable in high-end DVD Players (component or SDI, computer)
  • imported into any non-linear editor (LIQUID, FCP, EDIUS, PREMIERE, etc.)
  • one single standard hard drive for many hours of shooting with 10 cameras (500GB)
  • instant archiving @ lowest price (manage hard drive like tapes, bar codes, database)

Your digital asset is under control for decades, because MPEG2 is the broadcast standard, worldwide.

The MVR™ may use standard hard drive as consumables (unbeatable price & reliability) as well as flash disks for harsh environments.


Technical specifications of MVR

  • Frame accurate sync among all channels (with genlock)
  • 4 to 16 video inputs (SDI - composite)
  • 4 to 32 independent audio inputs (analog XLR - jack3,5)
  • MPEG2 @ 2..25Mbits/s file output
  • I-frame to GOP30 with any IBP configurations
  • 4/3 and 16/9 modes, image preprocessing
  • Support of progressive 720 x 576 (25p)
  • Many hours of internal recording cap for 10 cameras
  • Confidence monitor loop-through (Internal VGA frame)
  • 4U rack (400W, 20kg, 60cm depth)

Ready for production
Standalone operation

Key Benefits of MVR platform

  • up to 16 video recorders in a single 4U rack
  • industrial PC capable of running your NLE (not during record)
  • Direct editing of video material (no transfer, no conversion)
  • Ideal for 576p to 720p blow up
  • Built-in analog inputs (no nood for conversion)
  • SAN friendly (MPEG2=smallest file format)
  • Gigabit, Firewire, Usb2 usable as storage for live recording !

Single Rack
Industrial grade PC
Windows XP PRO
Forgettable MBTF (100000h)

Intellectual property

  • Near zero fragmentation for 10 streams on the same disk drive (Multicam File System, MFS™).
  • Frame-accurate iso-record (gang-record) of non-genlocked sources (Computer Clap ™)
  • AutoFlush ™ is doing background copy with controlled bandwidth to the Editing workstations
  • AutoFlush ™ is part of MFS™, and offers a multi-seat solution for near-to-live production at no additional cost

Unique features

  • A custom Multi-Instance application (MVRI) allows independant 4 channel operation
  • Compatible with HDV low-cost camcorder via component output (with or without genlock)
  • No timecode is needed (no VITC nor LTC)
  • Easy multi-angle (3D) interactive DVD creation
  • Millisecond synchronization with genlocked sources (special effects / high-speed shutter)
  • Gop aligned MPEG structure


  • Storage (up to 4 TB internal), Networking (dual gigabit, 10GBe)
  • Multi-channel confidence monitoring
  • Real-time Mosaic Channel for alternate processing / editing
  • Multi-channel synchronous replay (8 in, 8 out).
  • Patch panel
  • LTC or VITC time code

Compatible Editing

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Avid / Pinnacle Liquid
  • Apple FCP
  • Canopus / Grass Valley  Edius
  • The MPEG2 mod of VirtualDub (the best free stuff, thank you to phaeron & fccHandler !)
  • Any MPEG2 Non Linear Editor

Custom / OEM developments

  • MPEG2 TS multiplex output (DVB-ASI, IP)
  • Metadata, sound, motion detection, content based automation
  • Multi-format encoding (proxy demo)
  • Clustering multiple configurations (up to hundreds of video channels !)
  • MOS, MXF customization (new style automation)
  • Slow Motion & Super Slow Motion ("lsm" demo available)
  • Sony, Odetics, Louth protocols  (old fashioned automation)

Partner program

  • Today, MVR solutions are marketed through business partners and resellers.
  • Our products are also available for OEMs as software license.

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