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Company details

LVS is an independent French company
RCS Tours 448 826 057 - SIRET 448 826 057 00029 – APE : 6202A


2011 :
    LVS is moving to La Touraine.
2009 :
    No HDTV MPEG2 hardware encoder available.
2008 :
    April : the MVR handles metadata.
    February : LVS is moving to Fontenay-le-Fleury.
2007 : Take-off
    October : the MVR is used on a film production for mocap.
    August : the MVR is used on live sports, for mobile video.
    June : the MVR-Broadcast is available : 4 channels MPEG2 recording, up to 25 Mbits/s.
    March : the MVR-Monitoring is available : 4/8/12/16 channels DVD recording, up to 6 Mbits/s.
    January : LVS speeds-up it's development thanks to CNC / RIAM
2006 : New technology inside MVR
    New hardware for Broadcast, and new hardware for Monitoring
    Focus on repurposing.@ NAB
2005 : Business development
    Multicam editing with Apple FCP @ IBC
    July : MVR shoots multicam ... even without Genlock !
    May : article in SONOVISION
    March : French dealer for MVR
    Best wishes
2004 : Product development
    IBC : Multicam editing with Pinnacle LIQUID.
    SATIS newsletter
    June : first use of MVR in a broadcast production
2003 : Product development
    NAB : Digital workflows, IPTV & HD

Background of David Landelle, LVS founder:

2000 : 3D video like MUYBRIDGE ("Matrix" effects)
1998 : Object tracking & localization (GPS, HF, RFID, IR, UV, AUDIO...)
1996 : Virtual imaging for live broadcasts (EPSIS, SYMAH)
1994 : HD X-Rays medical imaging (IMAGIX, SOFRETEC)
1992 : Stereo vision on a mobile robot (VOILA, IST)
1990 : Multi-camera blob tracking and fusion (SKIDS, IST)
1988 : Video acquisition, before PC screens could display images (IMAGER, VITEC)
Graduated from Centrale Nantes - ECN 88 (mechanics & computer science)


  • Camera calibration for virtual imaging on live broadcasts (patent FR2810830, EP1168831, US2002003965, JP2002072050)
  • Lens Sensors for ENG & EFP lenses, Pan & Tilt Heads, Rotary Encoders, Fiber Optic Gyros
  • Counting Electronics, data & audio embedding
  • Modeling, Image Processing, Video Networking & Synchronization, Real Time Rendering
  • Uncompressed (SDI) Digital Disk Recorders with "Play While Record" (Dvs Clipstation, Matrox CG2000)
  • Video Rendering machines (Questech, Matrox Digisuite, Matrox CG2000, Dvs Sdboard, Nvidia)
  • Cooperation with Fujinon, Canon, Thoma, Matrox, Dvs, Anyware Video, Crystal Vision, Radamec, ...
  • High speed cameras (Phantom)
  • Products aired on TF1, FR3, CANAL+, BBC, ARD, ZDF, RAI, TV3, DSF, MBC, ET-1 ... (2000+ live broadcasts).


Internet security & spoofing:

We take network abuse very seriously within the LVideoServices domains and we apologize for any inconvenience:

  • We send only one newsletter per quarter
  • We unsubscribe people with a simple "reply"
  • Your contact is never passed to a Third Party

Nevertheless, you may receive fake emails using our address. This technique is known as spoofing. The proof ? we receive "Mail Delivery Error" messages in reply to such spoofing when the target does not exist anymore, and we sometimes receive a lot. Thank you for contacting us about any fraudulent (spoof) email. We appreciate you bringing this suspicious email to our attention along with the full header of the message. We will send a complaint to the relevant domain owner or alert INTERNIC in case of fake whois contact.


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