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Digital production has many distribution channels addressing competing business models: analogue broadcast, cable & satellite dvb, dvd, dvb-t, mobile phones, media players, etc.

Repurposing is the challenge : handling simultaneously any kind of projects in the new PC based landscape while mastering Total Cost of Ownership.

MVR is the solution : Straight Multicam, with no hidden cost.

Broadcast and more

  • Post-production for OBvan or STUDIO
  • Coaching / electronic referee / Analysis
  • Video archive / security / judicial recording
  • Repurposing for Mobile 3G / DSL / DVB-T
  • Multi channel Logging / Ad tracking
  • Media Asset Management, Multi-channeling
  • 3D / multi-angle DVD creation

HDTV Production

  • The easiest way to produce 720p  HDTV (blow-up 16/9 576p)
  • Using Panasonic sdx900 or Jvc GY-HD100 or Canon H1
  • Direct Hibit DVD production
  • Panoramic recording, 360°

Visual effects

  • 3D video effects (MUYBRIDGE, FLOW-MOTION, traveling)
  • Stereo video recording
  • Extreme slow motion up to 500 frames/second and more (HYPERSLOWMO™)
  • Check out the MVM page

Film & games

  • Video assist, virtual editing
  • 3D rendering
  • Motion Capture

Virtual imaging

Related SDKs for OEMs (MPEG2 editing)

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